Snorkeling in Malta & Gozo: A Complete Guide

Built of limestone, Malta & Gozo is a geological wonder with a rich history and a colourful marine life. It is the perfect set for a snorkelling adventure with stories from the past.

An Instructor Experience with Ritual Dive

I am really excited to be working as an instructor at Ritual next season and to continue developing and improving. As a newly qualified instructor I still have a lot to learn but I am really excited for what’s to come and taking every opportunity that comes my way!

The Best Time To Dive In Malta & Gozo

Malta and Gozo have one of the longest summers in Europe, from April to November and is known for their clear calm waters.

Diving Holiday in Malta & Gozo – Your Next Diving Getaway

Looking for the best diving holiday? Malta & Gozo are real-life treasure islands packed with adventure and rich with history.

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