Scuba Diving in Malta

Beneath the pristine waters of Malta lies a submerged world full of wonder. With its crystal-clear waters, captivating marine life, and historic underwater landmarks, Malta offers a unique diving experience that leaves everyone spellbound. As an aspiring diver or seasoned expert, Malta is your gateway to exploring the mysterious depths of the Mediterranean. Varieties of … Continued

SUP in Gozo: You’ll Love Exploring This Beautiful Island

Hey adventurer! Ever fancied standing on water? Well, not quite, but close enough. Let’s talk about Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) – it’s like walking on water, but with a board beneath your feet. And where better to try it than in Gozo? A gem of an island, with its clear waters and stunning coastlines, Gozo is … Continued

My Top 10 Favourite Marine Species in Gozo

A species of sea-slug in the family Discodorididae, more commonly known as Disco Doris. Dotted sea slugs are a species of nudibranch, the popular order of marine gastropods consisting of more than 3000 species. Dotted sea slugs are also called sea cows due to their characteristic appearance.  Fun fact: like all members of the order … Continued

Top 10 places to explore whilst in Gozo

Gozo, in Castilian, means ‘joy’ and it is a word that perfectly exemplifies this beautiful hidden gem in the Mediterranean. Although tiny, this idyllic island has a lot to offer; quaint little towns and churches dot the rural landscape and the spectacular, rugged coastline is home to stunning beaches. As the sister island of Malta, … Continued

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