My Top 10 Favourite Marine Species in Gozo

A species of sea-slug in the family Discodorididae, more commonly known as Disco Doris. Dotted sea slugs are a species of nudibranch, the popular order of marine gastropods consisting of more than 3000 species. Dotted sea slugs are also called sea cows due to their characteristic appearance.  Fun fact: like all members of the order … Continued

Top 10 places to explore whilst in Gozo

Gozo, in Castilian, means ‘joy’ and it is a word that perfectly exemplifies this beautiful hidden gem in the Mediterranean. Although tiny, this idyllic island has a lot to offer; quaint little towns and churches dot the rural landscape and the spectacular, rugged coastline is home to stunning beaches. As the sister island of Malta, … Continued

Aboard A Luxury Super Yacht As A Dive Instructor

Dreaming of living the dream life? If being a dive instructor is not dreamy enough, do it on a Super Yacht! While this is partly true, there are a series of tasks and responsibilities that dive instructors working on a superyacht have to take into consideration. Some of these roles are shared with other diving … Continued

Scuba Diving in Winter in Malta & Gozo

At Ritual Dive, we’re all about living for the spirit of adventure and embracing new possibilities. And while summer is the peak season for diving, don’t let the cooler temperatures of winter hold you back from exploring the underwater world. In fact, diving in Gozo in winter can be an exciting and unique experience that … Continued

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