Ritual is INCLUSIVE. We believe in this so much that we’ve included it in our name. That’s right, the A isn’t upside down for nothing, it’s actually the symbol that means ‘for all’ in mathematics. At Ritual, we live for the spirit of adventure and we want to make sure this can be seen in whatever we do. We are excited at the chance to give our explorers the best possible experience by making sure we focus on their needs and make sure they have fun and they’re safe whenever they’re with us. We’re patient with our explorers and we inspire them to make their possibilities a reality. With our years of experience in the dive industry, we want to build bonds and a level of trust between our divers to make sure they get the most they can out of every experience. We make sure that everything we offer has no hidden surprises and we’re always honest and approachable in our daily operations.

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Who's who?

Meet our devoted dive department



After studying for her Pharmacology degree in Manchester, Rachel fell in love with diving following her Open Water course in Koh Tao while travelling. She then moved to Thailand and became an instructor in 2015; it wasn’t long until she was head instructor at one of Koh Tao’s busiest dive centres. She completed an MBA (Business & Management) and in July 2018 became an instructor trainer to teach all levels of scuba courses up to an instructor level. That’s not all; she’s actually Maltese herself – so knows the islands inside out.

Favourite Dive: Karwela Wreck



Nick started his career as a broker in London and pursued it for 8 years, before catching the travel bug and falling in love with diving in 2005. He quickly progressed to instructor level in 2007 and worked at major dive centres and liveaboards on the barrier reef. He then moved to super yachts before settling in Koh Tao for 11 years. In this time he worked his way up to head instructor and then manager at one of the islands biggest and busiest dive shops. He loves island life so much that he’s swapped one for the other.

Favourite Dive: Blue Hole



Teaching is 100% Sim’s thing + when she felt it was time for a change she swapped from a school classroom to the ocean + decided it was time apply her teaching skills to become a scuba instructor. She’s gained experience all over the world + loves doing anything from guiding to try dives to all levels of scuba courses. Apart from sharing her passion with all her explorers, she has joined the team to help manage the dive centre. Sim’s super caring nature, organised + has an eye for detail which helps us keep daily operations in check + make sure all our explorers get the experience they’re after. She’s also an equipment technician + helps us keep everything shiny + safe for everyone to use.

Favourite Dive: Ras il-Ħobż



Whether he’s manning the front desk or diving you can always be sure that Kev’s cool, calm + collected nature will guarantee that you have a chilled + awesome time exploring. From South East Asia to Singapore + the Maldives + more, he’s got heaps of experience which he loves to share with those around him. When he’s not out diving, aside from the important role he plays in helping manage the dive centre together with Sim, he makes sure that all our admin is super organised (he loves a good spreadsheet + standard operating procedure…+ we do too) + up to date to make sure day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Favourite Dive: Reqqa Point



Our wildlife and eco guru is a certified zoologist. He showed a keen interest in the marine biology aspect of his degree and decided to pursue a career in diving. He moved to Koh Phangan in Thailand where he became a certified instructor in 2010. He always had a soft spot for Gozo and packed his bags in 2015 to live here full time. Apart from teaching a wide variety of scuba courses & specialties over the past year, Alex has created his own specialized Eco course and helps coordinate various eco related activities such as beach & dive site cleanups.

Favourite Dive: Ras il-Ħobż



While Lucas has spent a number of years living in Ireland, he’s originally from Denmark. He decided to sign up to take his instructor course in Spain so he could share his passion with new divers + landed a job instructing in Ireland. He’s now keen to take that next step into tec diving + expand his horizons as a professional. It’s not just his diving skills that are sharp as when he’s not diving, he competing in Medieval Sword Fighting competitions.

Favourite Dive: Blue Hole



Liam always knew he was destined for a life underwater when he enrolled in the navy as a submariner. As soon as he got the opportunity to travel, he thought it was time to switch up diving to 500m depths in submarines (how cool is that?!) to helping new divers discover the ocean by becoming an instructor. While working in Koh Tao, he enrolled in a conservation course to learn more about protecting the underwater world + also decided to sign up to become a professional underwater photographer + videographer.

Favourite Dive: Ras il-Ħobż



Nana’s a super active person + her background in sports means that she’s a born team player. While, football has definitely always been her go-to sport of choice, she decided to expand her goals + explore opportunities for a career underwater. She’s taught in locations such as Utilla, Denmark + Greece and has worked her way up to Assistant Instructor Trainer. This lady loves side mount diving + training divemasters. She’s also keen to grow her new found love for tec diving.

Favourite Dive: Blue Hole



Rebe decided it was time to redesign her career following successfully completing a degree in Graphic Design + dive into the world of instructing. While on holiday in Koh Tao, she successfully completed her Open Water + Advanced Course which convinced her to become an instructor. While working in Utilla, she decided to branch out into free diving + tec diving too. She’s also completed her Assistant Instructor Trainer Course + loves teaching divemasters + has a passion for marine biology.

Favourite Dive: Blue Hole



While a career sailing the oceans as a photographer + videographer on cruise ships was an awesome opportunity, it didn’t capture the experience Alejandro was after. His love for the ocean meant that becoming an instructor was the perfect opportunity for a new career. He’s got experience in teaching in stunning spots like Mexico + the Dominican Republic + loves all opportunities from snorkelling to guiding + teaching courses.

Favourite Dive: Billingshurt Cave



When a career in Energy Engineering no longer felt natural, Tassilo thought it was time to explore other opportunities so he set his sights on becoming a dive pro. Following the pandemic, he set out to complete his Divemaster + Instructor course after which he worked to develop his skills in a busy dive centre environment. He is super attentive + always ready to snap up any opportunity to develop himself as a professional.

Favourite Dive: Inland Sea

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As Gozo’s newest and most pioneering dive facility, we create highly skilled, safe and eco-conscious divers. We’re crazy for adventure, passing on this infectious spirit through everything we do, from entry-level courses to professional courses, and even our fun dives too.


We work hard to create a comfortable environment for all of our divers and staff in this idyllic Mediterranean setting – this in no way compromises our commitment to safety and conservation both above and below the surface.


We’ve got our sights set on being ‘the’ place of choice for dive training and fun diving in Gozo and Malta. And we hope to achieve this by creating tailor made experiences that help our divers learn new skills, as well as providing them with a hub for like-minded people to discuss their passions and interests. Through friendliness in our day-to-day operations we’ll build life long bonds with our divers and already can’t wait to welcome back familiar faces again and again.

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Our Pledge

To Employees

If you work for us, we treat you as family, bringing out the best in you by developing your strengths and talents. We’re strong advocates for diversity and go all out to give employees the best experience possible. We also offer our staff a real opportunity to progress into leadership roles.

To Customers

We’re committed to providing innovative, sustainable and high-quality services to every single one of our customers. By establishing long-term relationships, we can better cater to their individual needs while making sure that they’re safe, comfortable and most importantly enjoying themselves.

To Society

The only thing we will leave behind is a positive impact on the local community with ethical and sustainable practices. We’re also strengthening the economy by partnering with a number of local businesses that can provide our customers with accommodation and additional services.

To the Environment

There’s nothing more important to us than sustaining the environment. That’s why we do everything in our power to reduce our carbon footprint to a minimum. And through the promotion and education of eco practices we can share our knowledge with a wider audience making them aware of local environmental issues.


Everyone’s got their Ritual. Our’s just happens to be diving. We believe that diving is ‘for all’ and that the preparation is part of the adventure. Our planning and preparation started over 2 years ago on an idyllic tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand. We wanted to draw on our previous adventures and bring our own perspective to Europe. Having roots in Malta already, we began our search for potential locations. When we spotted an opportunity in the heart of Xlendi Bay that not only had a dive centre just a stone throw away from the sea but also included a hotel and bar/restaurant, we just had to find a way to bring our dream to life. After extensive planning, we opened at the end of March ‘19 and we just can’t wait to share our experience with you. Our team’s can-do’ attitude coupled with our extensive experience in both the hospitality and diving industry, makes this a winning combination for you explorers looking for that little bit extra.

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We’d love to chat about teaming up with new people to make our adventures even more awesome. If you’re interested in getting in touch, email [email protected] or [email protected] to find out more.

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