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Confessions of a Divemaster Trainee

I did my DMT with Ritual over the summer of 2019, and it was a really great experience. As a DMT here you’re not just there to do the dirty jobs and do the bare minimum of certification – you’re part of the team. You’re handed real responsibilities, there is attention for what you can improve on as both a diver and a dive leader, all the staff is eager to teach you their specific best practices, and you’re not just welcome but expected at the after-work drinks. This is not to say it’s a cakewalk of course. The dirty jobs still exist and you’ll have your fair share of them (if I never clean another gutter again it’s still too soon) – but then diving is never a lazy day at the beach, doubly so if you’re taking responsibility for others. Filling tanks, loading trucks and cleaning floors are all part of working in diving, and it’s no different here.

It’s possible to grab more certifications while you’re there too – I got both try dive instructor and gas blender on top of my dive master – and you’re accommodated easily for this, ensuring you’re on try dives, helping the certified staff make specific nitrox/helium mixes, etc. This allows you more than the book learning – turns out there’s a lot of practical tips on gas blending the course won’t mention but Toby will teach you. All in all, I had the most amazing time diving, learning, working, partying and laughing. I came away a much better diver, a well prepared divemaster, and enriched person as a whole.

Odin Helder

DMT Program 2019

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