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6 Reasons why we moved to Gozo

It’s been nearly a year since we decided to pack our bags (and the dog and cats too) and finally make our move to Gozo. We’ve fallen in love with our new island. Here’s why:


Well, this is probably a given as we were planning on setting up shop here. The island’s bright blue waters (which is where our Ritual Blue comes from) topped off with jaw-dropping topography means we’re in for an awesome ride every time. Even in windy conditions, we’ve found that we nearly always have somewhere to dive! With our dive spots not more than 20 mins away, we can really mix things up! With that said, diving in Gozo is an absolute adventure each time.


Having lived away from home for nearly 10 years, I’ve really missed the food here. If you’re into delicious food and huge portion sizes, then Gozo should definitely be on your list. With a large number of restaurants to choose from, we’re spoilt for choice. The local snacks such as pastizzi, ftira amongst some are not the healthiest option but they’re traditional, hearty and mouthwatering.


Having grown up in Malta, I wasn’t too sure about nightlife in Gozo. But, I can say they do know how to throw a party and organize wicked events. The Abode Festival & Gozo Alive are just some of the events we can get excited about this year. Not to mention nights out organized at La Grotta and at a number of the bars in Mgarr & Victoria! Gozo’s 100% not as sleepy as we thought!

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This was a massive selling point for us when we decided to bring Toby the dog and our two cats over from Thailand. Gozo’s got some wicked views, the sea is just minutes away, no matter where you are on the island and there’s some awesome walks to go for.


This was another deal breaker. How could we say no to a place with 300 days of sunshine a year? Enough said.


Malta International Airport has a huge number of direct and connecting flights to lots of destinations in Europe and all over the world. Gozo’s super accessible with direct bus routes, taxis and the option of car rentals too. Our ferries are efficient and run every 45 mins so you’ll never have to wait too long to hop on. If it’s crazy busy, the ferries actually offer a shuttle service and run more frequently!

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