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Why Malta & Gozo Are Unparalleled Diving Destinations

Looking for the best diving holiday? Malta & Gozo are real-life treasure islands packed with adventure and rich with history.

Why Go On Diving Holiday In Malta and Gozo?

Malta and Gozo are part of the archipelago in the Mediterranean, in the South of Italy, on either side of the Comino – home of the  Blue Lagoon, said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Malta. The waters surrounding these islands are a diver’s dream – typically calm, crystal clear with an abundance of underwater life and seascape to explore, and mysterious wrecks that have a story to tell.


Malta has a population of 502,600 and is about 27km long and 14.5 km wide –  famous for its World Heritage site like the vintage City of Valletta and historic wreck Dives, such as the Le Polynesian, one of Malta’s most historic wrecks, was a 6,373-ton French liner, sunk on August 10, 1918, towards the end of World War I, killing 10.


Gozo measures only 14 km by 7 km and has a population of about 30,000 –  famous for dive spots like the ‘Blue Hole’’ , and only a 25-minute ferry ride from the main island of Malta.


Although Comino is largely known as ‘uninhabited’ it actually has two residents. The main dive attraction of the Cominos is the Patrol boat P31 wreck – former patrol boat for the Maritime Squadron of the Armed Forces of Malta. 


  • Avid Scuba Divers wanting to discover the islands
  • Diving Courses
  • Weddings
  • Romantic Holidays & Honeymoons
  • Having fun with the kids
  • Meetings & Conferences

3 Reasons to choose Malta and Gozo for your next diving getaway:

1. Excellent Conditions

  • Limited tide
  • Clear viewing
  • Easy shore access 
  • Comfortable water temperatures ranging from 15 – 26°C

2. Historic Exploration

Whether you’re looking for a diving weekend or a long luxury diving holiday, you can explore:

  • Reefs, walls, caves and tunnels
  • Historic wrecks
  • Statues 
  • Colorful and exotic  marine life 

3. Get qualified

Malta & Gozo is the perfect place to learn to dive because it offers something for everyone, from the complete beginner to the advanced professional.

For Beginners:

  • Shallow coast
  • Easy shore access to most of the dive spots.
  • Learn to dive with try dive

For the more experienced:

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