Scuba Diving in Winter in Malta & Gozo

At Ritual Dive, we’re all about living for the spirit of adventure and embracing new possibilities. And while summer is the peak season for diving, don’t let the cooler temperatures of winter hold you back from exploring the underwater world. In fact, diving in Gozo in winter can be an exciting and unique experience that … Continued

Kayaking in Gozo

The second largest Maltese island, Gozo is located in the Mediterranean sea just off the coast of Sicily. Although the famous island of Malta is just 5km away, Gozo has retained its rural and authentic charm and is far less known, and visited. Gozo is one of the oldest inhabited places on earth and is … Continued

Snorkeling in Malta & Gozo: A Complete Guide

Built of limestone, Malta & Gozo is a geological wonder with a rich history and a colourful marine life. It is the perfect set for a snorkelling adventure with stories from the past.

An Instructor Experience with Ritual Dive

I am really excited to be working as an instructor at Ritual next season and to continue developing and improving. As a newly qualified instructor I still have a lot to learn but I am really excited for what’s to come and taking every opportunity that comes my way!

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